Students experience wave of early quarantine nostalgia

The following is a list that describes a few student favorite Tik-Tok trends from quarantine 2020.

The “P.O.V Tik-Toks” trend: P.O.V Tik-Toks started to be published in late march and became a quick trend. With several creators filming Tik-Toks in a way that made the viewer seem like the main character. Often the stories involved the viewer finding out they were a superhero or something, but they did make some more down to earth ones. With P.O.V’s portraying situations like breakups and finding out you got a new dog, and, of course, there were even some horror ones where the viewer either was or was found to be a murderer. Why these became so popular no one really knows, but they still helped quarantine go by faster.

For some reason during quarantine we all ditched Keto very quickly. Favoring instead to make homemade bread. The ¨Bread baking aesthetic videos” trend, in fact, the whole cottage core aesthetic, took off all because of it, and we ate it up, literally, ya know cause it’s bread. We made our own sourdough starters, cloud bread and even bread rolls shaped like little bears and frogs. The whole thing was very fun and very aesthetic.

Speaking of cottage core, this reporter’s personal favorite trend was the “strawberry animal” trend. On the softer side of tik-Tok, you could find hundreds of videos of pastel pink animals with cute strawberry prints and soft bee friends. Ranging from axolotls to bats to cows and so much more, strawberry animals took the platform by storm and gave everyone some much needed good vibes during those hard times.

The “Everything is a canvas” trend. During quarantine a lot of people became very passionate about art. As in, everyone was painting everything. Phone cases, phone chargers, jean pockets, walls and even calculators were decorated. Popular designs were classic characters like Kermit the frog and other muppets, Bob Ross tutorials, sunflowers and bees and so much more. Anything that could hold paint was personalized and we somehow stayed sane due to it. 

And finally, the “ghost photo shoots” trend. Coming around after quarantine for those of us at Cedar Falls, the ghost photo shoots are still technically a quarantine trend as many who started it were still locked up. As for the actual trend, it consisted of people putting on bedsheet ghost costumes and using some other prop, skateboards, sunglasses, balloons etcetera, people would head to safe abandoned locations and train tracks to take photos. The photos were almost always in a vintage style and when uploaded were accompanied by Jack Staubers “Oklahoma.”

And those are CFHS’s favorite nostalgic quarantine trends.

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