Make plans for younger siblings this summer

Hiya there. I’m glad you could join me today! I was just about to get started on this week’s topic: what to do with your younger siblings. Alright, well, let’s dive in.

First up, outside activities. Sometimes it’s good to go out and play tag or go swinging at the park together, or go for a bike ride. You can also sit and draw with chalk on the sidewalk, or build some kind of outdoor fort. You can go climb trees together, go for a bike ride, a walk or just have a picnic at the park. Any time outside is good for the heart and the mind. When you’re outside and not focused on electronics, it really gives you a mental break, and little kids shouldn’t be kept inside too much anyway.

Second, inside activities. If you’re more of an indoor person, maybe when spending a day inside with your brother and sister you can try some of these activities: building a fort, camping in the living room, doing a treasure hunt, playing board games and much more.

Well, I hope that this helped you out a bit! If you have any more ideas, you should try them yourself and tell others about it! Have fun on your journeys and take a little first aid kit in case someone gets a scraped knee. Watch out for bumps and big rocks, those might hurt. Make sure to climb some trees too. That’s always fun, and with around-the-house activities, make sure to clean up after yourself. You don’t want your parents to have to pick up after you. Until next time, stay healthy, get outside and take care of yourselves.


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