Seniors’ reactions to pressures for promoting college vary

With the college fair over and graduation only a little over eight months away, how are seniors feeling? The paths are as varied as students are.

“I’m excited to continue working my way through the college process but apprehensive of the stress of applications, I’m apprehensive about the application process because I’m worried about the fine line between acceptance and rejection. What’s going to make me stand out? I don’t know the answer to that question yet, but it’s a large stressor throughout the process. I’m looking into several schools, but the main one I’m considering right now is Ohio State University,” senior Eli Flikkema said. Now out of the 16 seniors who responded to a Schoology poll, 37.5 percent of students shared the pro college sentiment. 

Senior Elizabeth Bently is neutral about her post-high school plans. “I’m not really forced to go to college, so to some it’s a big step for me. It’s just another obstacle to avoid.” Her view was shared by 31.3 percent in the Schoology poll. 

The remaining 31.3 percent in the poll seem more likely to be “Really sick and tired of hearing about it,”. As senior Heaven Lickness said “I’ve been taught by people at home that I don’t have to go to college to be a successful person. I don’t bash people for wanting to go, but I don’t think it is necessary to lead a happy and fulfilling life. I’ve seen what college at the wrong time can do to people and I’d rather not have the experience myself. I also just hate being told that the only way I can make something of my life is by working hard towards working hours that I don’t like to work. Or by working jobs that don’t suit my needs, but because I would have a degree it feels like you’re stuck in that situation. My sister has been told by one of the counselors that if she didn’t go to college she was going to fail in life, but she’s one of the most successful people I know. I don’t need a degree to be successful because I need to have a happy and fulfilling life to be successful.”. Senior Phoenix King is also, “Sick of hearing about college. I don’t need the information they are giving me. I know where I’m going to college and don’t need them to baby me through it.” 

“I pretty much know what I want to do. New information is always helpful but I get tired of hearing the same stuff over and over again.” Senior Christian Becker states, even after stating he is pro-college and plans to go to a 4-year school he seems to be anti-college propaganda.

Senior Marrissa Johnson says that “I am excited but have already accepted admission to a college so I don’t need a lot of the information.”. So while not apathetic to the bombardment it seems some seniors, like Marissa and Phoenix, just don’t need it. 

Now, what does this mean for our senior student body? Well, due to the small percentage of students that actually participated in the poll we can’t draw any statistical conclusions but we can say this. Walk around campus any day at any time and you will hear seniors talking about college. No matter how they feel or where they go, college lingers in the thoughts of every senior.

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