Team 525 unveils new display case

After four years, the 525 Swartdogs display case is back. Located in the upper hallway near room 227, the case boasts numerous awards, pieces of merchandise and artifacts from previous seasons. A sign made out of Legos saying “varsity sport for the mind” is also featured, alluding to FIRST Robotics Competition’s younger counterpart, FIRST Lego League.

The display was designed, produced and put together completely by students over the course of a few weeks. Senior Claire Shaw, one of the students involved, has been a member of the team for four years and works with communications, awards and the drive team. According to her, the process went smoothly. “We first made a sketch on a big whiteboard to figure out everything we wanted to include in it. After we had our general idea, we took our concept to the actual display case to see how much we should put in it without looking too busy or too plain. After figuring that out, we gathered up everything we needed, built the shelves and made the lettering out of Legos, and then put it all together.” 

525 Swartdogs coach and CAPS education teacher Kenton Swartley has been involved with the team longer than any current students have even been alive. “I’ve been involved with the Swartdogs FRC Team since 1999. Actually, the fall of 1998 is when we got started with planning and then the spring of 1999 was our first competition. I’ve been involved with the team ever since, so that makes this upcoming season my 24th with the team.” 

Swartley started the robotics team with the name formed around his own. A 525 team T-shirt is shown in the display case with “Students Working Around Robotics Technology” written out vertically in orange, with “DOGS” at the end. While coaches and mentors are instrumental parts of any team, one of FRC’s highest values is letting students do the work themselves. Swartley also had similar views to Shaw, stating that, “they came up with different ideas and then started planning and creating the different components.” 

Shaw said she is proud of all the hard work that the team accomplished. “I think it turned out great. It doesn’t have too many words, so you don’t have to stop walking to read it and has a good amount of bright colors to make things pop and draw attention to it. It also isn’t so busy that it looks crowded and gives a good idea of what FRC and FIRST is about.” 

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