Autumn leaves peaking on trails at these five local parks

Fall is a time for sweaters, flannels, hiking, brightly colored leaves, pumpkin spice and hot chocolate. With the leaves in their peak of color this week, here are five of the best parks to see them change.

Hartman Reserve – Hartman Reserve has a variety of different trails that almost anyone, even beginners, can hike and still get marvelous views. Expanding across 308.9 acres, Hartman Reserve is full of wildlife and many different sights that everyone can enjoy.


Backbone State Park – Although this park is about an hour from Cedar Falls, there are many opportunities to see expansive views of changing fall colors. The hike is slightly more difficult and requires a bit of climbing depending on where you go, but it’s definitely worth it.



Palisades-Kepler State Park – Located in Linn County along the Cedar River, Palisades-Kepler offers hikes along the riverbank or on the bluffs surrounding it, so you are guaranteed to get amazing views of the changing leaves no matter which trail you take.



Pine Lake State Park – Located near Eldora, Pine Lake State Park encompasses two different lakes and is filled with beautiful scenery. Among the other amenities are a campground, cabins and shelters for visitors to rent.


Greenbelt Lake – Greenbelt Lake has a main trail that loops around the lake, which offers fantastic views of the various colors that can be seen in the different types of trees. The park also has an accessible fishing dock and paved parking lot, so people of all ability levels can enjoy this park.

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