ELP students digging deeper at Peet, Holmes

ELP is a part of the Talented and Gifted program in Cedar Falls schools. ELP has six different priority standards: critical thinking; complex communication; creativity; flexibility and adaptability; and productivity and accountability. 

Every ELP class focuses on the same standards. The Peet and Holmes ELP seventh and eighth grade students are currently focussing on service and making society a better place, while the ninth grade students are learning about postsecondary education. 

ELP requires the students to think outside of the box a lot more than other classes do. Ninth grader Kai Smith said, “ELP is challenging because it’s a different kind of class with more than one right answer on how to succeed in it. That’s what makes it fun.” 

Another ninth grade ELP student, Gene Warby said, “ELP is a great class to challenge kids who don’t feel like they’re learning in their normal classes.”

ELP is not made for every student. It’s a much harder and more complex class than other classes. The Peet Junior High ELP teacher, Sarah Cooper said, “Students are in ELP because of their academic needs and abilities. We reference test scores, school performance and teacher recommendation.”

Cooper’s goal every year with the students is for the students to be able to grow. “All students have unique academic needs and abilities,” she said. “I work to provide the students with whom I work the opportunity to grow and learn, no matter what class they are in.”

Although ELP is a more challenging class, the working environment is kind to the students and has very supportive mentors like Cooper. “All of my kiddos are amazing,” she said.

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