Fall fashions popping up at CF

Fashion is all about seeing the trends and making them your own, but first you need to know the trends. 

The trends are changing with the weather as people are donning more layers and warmer treads, but in the high school, temperatures are unpredictable with one class being warm and then the next being freezing. 

Because of this kids are wearing either T-shirts or tank tops with hoodies and open flannels on top. The flannel on top of a short sleeved shirt gives a retro vibe to your outfit, and a hoodie with a cool design is enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

A type of design that has been appearing on T-shirts and hoodies has been inspired by Japanese culture. Words spelled in Japanese or a Japanese-inspired front, characters from anime, Japanese food and creatures from Japanese mythology are all popular. It’s enough of a trend that you would be seen as fashionable for wearing it, but a minor enough trend that you would stand out. You can even buy a hoodie from a Japanese shop if you have the money for a more authentic look.

Students are also getting excited for halloween early and putting more halloween spirit into their daily outfits. Whether they are dressing in more goth or embracing the cheesy side of the holiday, it’s a trend that will only get more popular as Halloween draws near. 

Neutral colors and cool colors are now in season. These colors flatter people with cool and skin neutral tones respectively. The trend in colors doesn’t just apply to clothes; it is a great time for dark and neutral makeup and dark hair colors. 

People are also wearing a lot of shirts that show their pride for their favorite sports team, Tiger pride and the colleges they are going to after graduation. Particular brands are popular among students such as Air Jordans, Bass Pro Shop Hats, Nike, Champion and Under Armour athletic wear, or preppy clothes from Vineyard Vines, American Eagle and Tommy Hillfiger

It should be easy to be fashionable this season as simple outfits that prioritize the temperature are in trend. You can be comfortable while being fashionable, and it should be easy to come up with an outfit before you have to go to school.

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