Homecoming king, queen react to titles

This year’s candidates Ahmad Madlock and Molly Boevers were prized homecoming king and queen. 

Queen Molly Boevers is involved in many extracurriculars allowing her to get to know a lot more people. “I am involved in cross country, band and student senate, which I think were great ways to get to know more people,” Boevers said.

Ahmad is also highly involved in school. “I am currently our choir co-president and have a pretty great connection in our music department,” Madlock said. “Our theater department is another great crew who I hope I had the votes of.”

Boevers said just being recognized was an honor. “During the whole week I was just so ecstatic. Even being nominated for homecoming court was insane, let alone being queen. I am still so thankful for everyone that supported me and have gotten me to this point in my life,” Boevers said. 

Madlock said he was surprised he was elected as kind. “I most definitely was surprised, but overall I was very honored to be on court,” Madlock said.

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