Discover these podcasts popular at Peet

Podcasts have become wildly popular over the past few years, and COVID has also contributed to the spike in popularity. So, as more podcasts continue to be released, what are some podcasts to look out for? 

Some popular podcasts in terms of listeners per episode are “Crime Junkie,” “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “The Problem with Jon Stewart” These have become extremely popular, with “The Joe Rogan Experience” averaging upward of 200 million monthly listeners. 

But looking away from listens per episode, let’s see what students have to say about podcasts. What are some of their favorite podcasts? Peet freshman Joshua Dowd said, “I listen to ‘Hello Internet’ and ‘Cortex.’” 

“Hello Internet” is a podcast created by Brady Haran and CGP Grey. In the podcast, they talk about … literally anything. The description for their podcast is “CGP Grey and Brady Haran talk about YouTube, life, work, whatever.” 

The duo of Grey and Haran took a break from releasing episodes after they released their 136th episode in March of 2020. It’s been nearly two years since they began their break, but no information has been released that would lead us to believe the podcast is over for good. 

  “Cortex” is another podcast recommended by Dowd. It is a podcast run by JT Dimino and Kerby Lambert, and on their gaming podcast, they talk with different people who have worked on making video games and what makes them good. It’s a super fascinating podcast and is just fun to listen to on a drive. 

Personally, I recommend the podcast “Rotten Mango,” which is run by Stephanie Soo and Ramble. It’s a true crime podcast that goes in depth with certain cases like the case of H.H. Holmes, Danny Rowling and James Bulger. 

My favorite episode is #53: The Case of Josef Fritzl. Most of the episodes are brutal, so fair warning, but if you enjoy true crime podcasts, you can’t go wrong with “Rotten Mango.” 

Those are some cool podcasts to check out if you’re interested in finding a new podcast to listen to. We can’t wait to see what new podcasts will be released soon.

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