Peet students offer differing views for best time to kick off Christmas season

It may be November, but snow is falling, and the holidays are approaching, but some believe that we’re beginning to start celebrating Christmas a little too early. 

PJH student Zoe Castle said there is a time too early to start getting ready for Christmas. “Christmas songs are not acceptable until after thanksgiving,” Castle said. 

Based on a recent Google Forms survey answered by 37 students, 59.5 percent of students at Peet agree with Castle and think that people should not start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but others strongly disagree. 

“Christmas deserves to be celebrated for two months straight. Thanksgiving should only be celebrated the day before and the day after Thanksgiving,” PJH student Emily Bennet said. 

Of those surveyed, 29.7 percent actually think that Christmas decorating should begin after Halloween, but does this underplay the importance of Thanksgiving? 

“I would say now is fine to start decorating for Christmas, but Thanksgiving is important too,” PJH student Hannah Kendall said. 

Many other students like Catherine Dierks, agreed with Kendall. “I think Thanksgiving is an important time to reflect on our blessings, so we really can just skip over it,” Dierks said.

While Christmas may be a month away, some students are still getting ready and some students are waiting until after Thanksgiving. Every person is different when it comes to the holidays, but most agree Thanksgiving is just as important.

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