Peet candy sale proceeds going to assist families

Peet Junior High School has annual candy cane sales to bring holiday cheer to the school. Once December starts the school purchases a large amount of candy canes and students can purchase each one for a dollar to send to someone. 

Before school or during lunch hour students will stop at a cart that a staff member is at and can give a dollar per candy cane and write who it is to and who it is from. Many students have their candy canes delivered to staff or friends during fourth hour each school day. 

Rebecca Lins, a counselor at Peet, said that “Candy cane sales started a handful of years ago, not exactly sure when as I never facilitated it; however, Mrs. Bowden and student council have taken it over this year.” 

Because students purchase each individual candy cane for $1 and boxes of candy canes are relatively inexpensive, the school is making a profit while spreading positivity throughout Peet. 

Lins said “The proceeds help toward purchasing gifts for four Peet families. These families collectively have nine kids that we are buying gifts for for the holiday season as a way to support their families. We are able to buy clothes they need as well as other items. We also buy items that they are interested in and would enjoy as well.”  

Ninth grader Kahlan Kearns has received a candy cane and said, “I think the idea is meant well, but for the people that don’t receive a candy cane it would really suck.” 

Peet students can purchase a candy cane for a dollar before school starts or during lunch hour to send to a friend or staff member.

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