Students find many inspirations for gratitude this season

Junior Kaylee Rundel is thankful for many things this year. Last year, she said she was not grateful for her life because of her state of mind. However, things have changed drastically since. Rundel said she is thankful for her family and friends, as well as her life. “These things are special to me because they are my support for everything,” Rundel said. 

Rundel said she shows her gratitude for others by saying thank you when people gift her stuff and when they show her that they care. Kindness comes a long way, which can be seen in Rundel’s judgment. 

For Thanksgiving, Rundel and her family typically go to their grandparents’ house and celebrate. There, her grandmother always makes her famous homemade mac and cheese. 

Rundel’s favorite part of November is the weather. The crisp air reminds Rundel how sweet life can get. 

Junior Bella Mabon said she is most grateful for her teachers helping her get back on track. “Instead of punishing me, which I thought they were going to, they helped me and made me actually want to go to school,” she said. 

Last year, Mabon said she was skipping class almost every day solely because she was so behind in her classes. “This year I’ve been actually going to class every day,” she said. 

Mabon said she got put into Laura Miller’s room to work on her APEX. Mabon said she considers Miller to be a friend of hers. “I think that’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me. She has helped me so much and has encouraged me to come to school. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know if I would be at school every day,” Mabon said. 

Mabon said she is always kind to others because she doesn’t necessarily know what they are going through. “I bring Mrs. Miller candy every so often because she gives me candy every day. I always sit and chat with her before class starts, and she always pushes me to move on to the new task,” she said. 

For Thanksgiving, Mabon and her family typically go to their grandparents’ house and get together for a mass Thanksgiving dinner. After the meal, the family plays Catchphrase as a family tradition. “We make the basics, you know turkey and ham, obviously, and then we make marshmallow cranberry salad and cherry jello,” she said. 

Mabon said she likes November because of the weather and getting to see all of her family during the holiday season. “I like that it gets colder out, too. Sometimes you just get sick of the heat,” she said.

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