Younger faces showing up in high powered science classes

Kyan Greer is a freshman at Peet Junior High and is currently enrolled in honors chemistry and honors biology. 

Greer has always been exhilarated with his science classes. He continues to grow academically and mentally as he continues his work.

According to Greer, there are many obstacles and struggles that come along with taking harder classes at a younger age. Greer said, ¨It’s harder than most classes because they have more homework and really force you to pay attention in the class because if you miss anything the teachers won’t go back over it. It can leave you very confused, and they go a lot faster with the tests being much more scary and impacting toward your grades.¨

But that doesn stop Greer from enrolling in these harder classes. His hopes are to get a degree in forensic science, and he’s determined to keep going forward while taking harder science classes each year. 

Although the other students in his classes are much older, he said the environment is not much different from a ninth grade classroom at Peet. “The older students aren’t very intimating to me. I’ve actually made friends with a couple, and while they may sometimes make harmless jokes about being older, they’re pretty cool.

Lynn Griffen is one of the honors chemistry teachers at the high school, and she said some younger students should rethink taking a class as hard as honors chemistry. She says “I think all these freshmen taking honors chemistry is concerning. There is a much higher workload, and the work itself is much harder.”      

Although she believes that freshman students will struggle with the class and may not do so well, she does believe that it’s possible for a student like Greer to overcome it. “I think it’s very hard for students to overcome the increased workload, but it’s not impossible.”

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