Athletes rely on variety of option for staying sharp during their off seasons

The offseason provides many opportunities for growth before athletes’ sports start back up again. Many athletes at the high school choose to be a part of offseason training for one overlying reason, to be able to compete when the season starts. 

Colby Cryer ’23, cross country and track athlete, is participating in offseason track, which includes running every day after school outside. The runs vary from mileage most of the week and track workouts one to two times a week on the track. Lifting in the weight room before or after school is also encouraged. 

Even through the cold winter months, Cryer puts in the work now because he believes that it will help once the season starts. “Putting the groundwork down now so that there is a foundation already set. That way in season, I can focus on just competing because I will already be conditioned for it due to the work I put in over the winter,” Cryer said. 

Cryer also said he believes that being able to join his friends during the offseason has helped him stick with it. “A lot of my friends also do offseason training, so it’s like I’m hanging out with them because I see them so often, but at the same time, we are all getting better so it’s really good that way.”

Though there are many motivational factors for him, his love for the sport and for competing help continue to motivate him to show up to workouts and the weight room. “I also love to compete, and I love to win, and I know that to give myself the best chance to do those things,  putting in the work now is going to be really beneficial for me, and will make the season even more fun and successful,” Cryer said. 

Ella Hertz (’23) describes the offseason workouts for soccer as beneficial as well. “Becoming fit before the season starts lets us all start at a better level and then throughout the season we can get better, faster,” Hertz said.

The training for the women’s soccer team has consisted of open gyms for the athletes on Sundays, indoor Sportsplex league, and lifting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Occasionally the team will also lift or have workouts at Orange Theory. 

Even with the lack of motivation that comes from the winter months, Hertz is still participating in offseason training. The team has used the app Groupme, along with most other sports, to allow for easy communication, which has motivated athletes to stay in touch with each other all year round. “I also get motivated by thinking about getting to play with my team, and I want to be at the highest level I can to compete,” Hertz said. 

Her motivation also comes from her love for the sport. “It is something that anyone can watch or do or be a part of, and it is a lot of fun to cheer for your team, get a move on someone and have good ball control.”

The offseason training for bowling has been more independent focused than team oriented. Elijah Flint (’23), describes the offseason as a way to improve your skills on your own. “The best way to improve over the offseason is simply to get to the bowling alley and get some games in with specific goals in mind,” Flint said. 

Although the team hasn’t put much emphasis on bowling as a team, Flint said he believes that just getting in the bowling alley is a way to help the team in the long run. “Bowling is a lot about consistency, so the more practice the better,” Flint said. 

Though the bowling team tends to stay more independent focused, bowling still keeps students like Flint involved in the sport. “Bowling is important to me because it is an enjoyable activity that all ages partake in. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you are. It’s fun anyway.”

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