DECA using donut drive to reach goals

The business organization known as DECA, has been racking up profit recently with their Donuts for DECA. 

Donuts for DECA was started to help Hansel and his students raise money for DECA. All net profit from the sales goes towards state and national competitions, which will be happening in Des Moines and Atlanta, respectively. 

On their first sale, the group netted $80, and on the second sale they netted $140 due to Hansel donating donuts to the sale. The business campaign has been gaining traction due to the marketing by the students such as an ad created by junior Megan Anton and the ability to use Venmo as well as cash to purchase the donuts. 

DECA adviser Mike Hanse said these innovative and motivated students are something that he can’t get enough of. “I really enjoy working with students and watching them develop and showcase their ideas and the realization this will benefit them when they leave Cedar Falls High School. The excitement when they learn they have qualified for national competition is worth the work,” Hansel said.

Hansel said DECA is beneficial not only for student business enthusiasts but for all students. “DECA is a business organization/club that teaches presentation, communication and other business skills necessary for students to be successful in the workplace,” Hansel said. “These are skills needed by all students, not just business students.” 

Hansel said that these skills learned in DECA will help students with future job interviews and exponentially increase their problem solving and presentation skills.

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