Seniors offer tips for semester testing

As finals roll around, many are experiencing in person finals for the first time, so the following are a few tips from seniors on how to make it through your 2022 finals. 

Senior Madison Dengler said, “Eat healthy! Aim for seven-eight hours of sleep. Listen to calming music. Don’t stress; it will be OK,” which is always good advice for any form of standardized testing. 

Some other great advice from senior Madison Zempel is, “Don’t stress yourself out too much. In the end it’s not worth the stress, and it’s going to make finals a lot worse. I put a lot of stress junior year for finals and barely slept the night before, which caused me to be very tired the day of finals. Spread out your study time throughout the day and don’t focus on one subject. Hope this helps.” 

Senior Ethan Hansen also targeted stress. “If you stress too much, you’re just gonna get jumbled up, but don’t be too chill because you need some jitters to be prepared.”

But not all advice is good and we need to observe that as well. Senior Dominic Jackson said, “If you are worried about the final and are not worried about going down a letter grade, you can just skip the final and your grade in that class will only drop by one letter.” 

In my opinion, this is an example of bad advice. Do not skip your finals. We all know they’re a pain, stressful and a mentally exhausting process, but ruining your GPA because you didn’t want to take a few tests is dumb because remember it’s not just one test. It’s up to seven, and if your grade is low enough, you could tank your GPA. So bite the bullet and take the tests. 

Good luck and happy studying.

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