Struck out on gift ideas last month? Here are ideas for next Christmas

It’s the busiest time of the year as Christmas quickly approaches, and not everyone has time to complete their Christmas shopping before the big day. If you are still wondering what to get someone just days before, we’ll give you four last-minute gift ideas.

It’s the dry season, and many of us tend to receive the gift of dry skin, so why not get some moisturizer over. It’s the perfect gift for people who work outside or people with dermatitis. I recommend heading over to Bath and Body Works for some quality moisturizer with their special deal of buy three get one free, allowing you to pick some up for yourself at no extra cost. I would get A Thousand Wishes.

Maybe you know someone with an obsession with smells, someone who has a little too much fun with fire or someone who likes to enjoy a soothing bath. Then look no further than candles; they are a great addition to any household and an even better way to relieve stress. When buying the right candle, try to avoid ones from Dollar Tree as they aren’t fragrant and tunnel easily, so stick to the more pricey ones. I recommend checking out Hobby Lobby for their wide selection of scents and the good quality, and as a bonus their candles are currently half off.

The holidays don’t just bring joy, they also bring tons of music. If you know some audiophiles or have that one friend who can’t stand listening to Mariah Carey, go ahead and pick up some headphones. There are tons of choices when it comes to headphones. You have over-ears and in-ears, and within the over-ear category, there are open-backs and closed-backs. For people that want to cut out the world, go with closed backs or inears. I recommend Sony’s WF1000XM4s and their WH1000XM4, or a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort. They all offer premium sound with top notch noise canceling. For someone who wants some casual listening on the go, I recommend Apple’s Airpods 3rd Generation or their Airpods Pro. Both offer quality sound and extraordinary comfort, the Pros even come with active noise canceling. You can find any of these items and others at Target, Best Buy or Walmart.

If all of the other suggestions don’t work for you, go to the classic present of sweets. Something sweet is never a bad choice for a present. Whether it’s from your local bakery or their favorite candy, you’ll be able to appease their sweet tooth. One of my favorite cookie shops is Insomnia Cookies. They taste so good they’ll make whoever gets them forget you forgot their present. I recommend the oatmeal raisin cookies.

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