Peet freshman readies for performance at upcoming talent show

Peet Junior High students of all grades gathered outside the choir room on Thursday, Jan. 20,  to prepare for their auditions for the Peet Junior High Variety Show, an annual event that showcases talent from a variety of students through acting, music and other performances. Waiting outside the choir room was freshman Amel Ibradzic, who was preparing for a Michael Jackson-themed dance solo. “I wanted to try out because it’s honestly fun, especially when everyone around you wants to see you perform,” he said. He has been doing variations of similar acts since fifth grade, when he first auditioned for the variety show with a dance to Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” complete with a costume. 

This year he will also be performing “Billie Jean” as a tribute to his first show. “It seems right to be the final one,” he said.

Although many who auditioned for the variety show were nervous to see the results, Ibradzic was confident in his talent during and after the audition. “The audition was great. I went in and did it as usual, and I did expect to get [a part] because the people in charge always loved my act.”

For Ibradzic, the variety show is more than just a chance to showcase his dancing abilities. “I like that I get a chance to perform. It’s honestly not that bad when you know that people wanted to see you,” he said. 

He also said he is excited for the technical aspect of the show, including rehearsal and crew work. “Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to production,” he said. “I can’t wait to work with cues and lighting, plus the ending of the song when I put my hat back on will be really great.” 

Although he has only told a few people about his act, he looks forward to performing it with six other small group acts and solos, along with five emcees, choirs and jazz band on Feb. 25 and 26 in the Peet Junior High gym, for which tickets are $6 upon entry and include snacks such as kettle corn. He said, “It’s a surprise. I think people will love it.”

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