Prior to recent injury, Brinker bowled up top state average

Senior bowler Myah Brinker held the highest average for bowling in the state of Iowa, with 212 pins per game before she dislocated her finger. Brinker also does shot put for the track team and is on varsity for softball. 

Brinker has been bowling with her grandpa since she was three years old. Brinker said, “I would say that starting early with qualified coaches is what helped me get to where I am today. Additionally, I focus at practice, and I listen to my coaches.” 

For Brinker, having the state’s highest average was not much of a distraction. “It honestly didn’t feel that much different. There was a little added pressure knowing I had a status to uphold, but I always hold myself to a high standard, so it wasn’t that much different.”

Having pushed herself to higher limits athletically, Brinker had advice for younger athletes. “There are a lot of things that go into being a good, well-rounded athlete. In my opinion, school is just as important as your sport. It keeps your mind sharp and awake and helps you learn new things within and outside your sport.”

Brinker said that mental sharpness has paid off in her sports performance. “You must be a mentally strong person to be a good bowler,” she said. “This is where a lot of girls struggle in competition. They can be a good fundamental bowler, but if they don’t have the mental toughness behind it, they don’t perform to the best of their abilities.”

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