Tune in to Puppy Bowl for alternative to football

Are you someone who just doesn’t want to spend their Sunday watching another football game? Did your team not make it? Are you just bored by football? 

Well, here’s a great alternative. This year on Feb. 13 tune into Animal Planet or check in on Discovery+ at 2 p.m. EST to see Puppy Bowl XVIIIl instead. This year’s line up will feature 96 dogs from 61 shelters from across 33 states. 

As always, there will be two teams. Team Ruff lead by Martha Stewart, and Team Fluff lead by Snoop Dogg. The two teams don’t follow as strict of rules as those in the NFL, but Ruff and Fluff still play pretty hard. Watch the two teams struggle to overtake the other as they run about chasing down sweet victory. 

On top of the teams there is also the halftime show headlining Raleigh Kitten, and the best part is throughout the game, as the players take the field and fight for the ‘Lombarky’ trophy, the viewer can go to AnimalPlanet.com and through them find the rescue or shelter that houses the puppy, kitten or hamster you want to adopt. 

But don’t worry. Even if you didn’t make the game, all of the sweet pets are still up for adoption here, so grab your snacks and your phones to support the Puppy Bowl XVIIIl so that these babies can find their forever homes.

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