Athlete of the Week: Junior Dallas Bear in Basketball

Junior Dallas Bear was first team all conference and third team All State this past year.

For you, what was a highlight of your most recent competition?

Making it down to the state tournament and playing in the well

What makes your sport special and different?

I get to make great relationships with my best buddies that will last a lifetime.

How long have you been into this sport, and what were the early days of your participation? 

My dad taught me how to play when I was younger and I have loved playing this sport ever since. 

How did/do you cope with any setbacks/losses you’ve experienced in your sport?

I just kept on playing my game, and I fought through adversity through basketball.

Who has been particularly influential in helping your growth in this sport?

My dad and coaches have helped me develop as a better basketball player.

What do you do to prepare yourself before a game?

Listen to music and hanging out with my best buddies in the locker room before games.

How do you work on improving your skills in this sport?

I workout every day trying to improve my craft so I can be well prepared for the next season.

What’s a personal skill that you are targeting lately?

I have been really trying to get better at my shooting because I am not a very good shooter so I have been trying to become better at that.

Do you have plans to play this sport after high school?

Yes, I will be playing basketball in college, but I am not sure where yet.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your sport?

Winning. And getting to practice with my buddies every day

What has been a highlight for you/your team so far this season?

Going to State and achieving another 20-win season with my great teammates.

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