Athlete of the Week: Senior goalie Caleb Raisty

Senior goalie Caleb Raisty broke the single season and career save percentage record. The Warriors have earned the top seed in the league tournament.

For you, what was a highlight of your most recent competition?

Setting a save percentage record.

What makes your sport special and different?

It’s a fast pace game played on 5/8 inch of metal on ice.

How long have you been into this sport, and what were the early days of your participation? 

I have been playing for nine years. 

How did/do you cope with any setbacks/losses you’ve experienced in your sport?

Keep a good mindest and move on to the next game or shot. 

Who has been particularly influential in helping your growth in this sport?

My parents. They have helped me in many ways like driving me around the country for hockey.

What do you do to prepare yourself before a game?

Lots of stretching and hand eye coordination, and I do the same routine every time.

How do you work on improving your skills in this sport?

Like every other sport. Practice makes perfect. As a goalie you to need to work on the little fundamentals a lot to help you throughout the game.

Do you have plans to play this sport after high school?


What’s the most rewarding thing about your sport?

For me it is getting a shutout or winning a big game that you stood on your head for and are the reason you won the game.

What has been a highlight for you/your team so far this season?

Clinching the first seed at State and getting ourselves a trip to Nationals.

As you see it, what are the biggest tests remaining for you/your team yet this season?

Winning that state championship. We all know how it feels to lose a championship from last year’s tournament, so we are looking to winning this one.

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