Students using their bodies as canvases for artistic expression

With drawings covering their arms, hands and other various parts, Maya Johnson and Deidra Cinadr have been practicing their artistic expressions not only as a way to relieve stress but also to see what kind of tattoos they may want in the future. 

“It’s mainly just a way to help me focus more and to relieve anxiety,” Johnson said. “A way to pay attention, while not actually paying attention.”
“I really like how they look, and they give me a chance to be creative and try different styles every time because they aren’t permanent,” Cinadr said.

In regard to possibly getting tattoos in the future, Cinadr said that she would like them to mean something to her. “It will definitely be something that I want on my body forever, and most likely I want them to mean something to me,” Cinadr said. 

Johnson also plans on getting tattoos. “I plan on getting multiple tattoos when I’m older. It’s also a trial to see placement for where I would want a future tattoo,” Johnson said.

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