Though challenging, Elden Ring delivers rewarding adventure

Elden Ring, a new game from video game company FromSoftware, is an open world title which is their first and hopefully not last one.

FromSoftware games are notoriously hard with famous games like the Dark Souls trilogy, Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Elden Ring is no exception as it is very hard with steep difficulty curves everywhere.

As someone who has almost got to new game one, I’m always discovering something new about the game, so I’ll give you a brief breakdown on Elden Ring.

The world of Elden Ring is a very big open world like World Of Warcraft with many different areas, bosses, and enemies. There are about five major areas and three underground areas that I’m not telling about not including the hub area the areas being, Limgrave, Liurnia, Cealid, Altus Plateau, and the Mountaintops of the Giants but be careful when going anywhere because there are many field bosses on the way to each place if you explore enough.

To start off with are the good things about it. While there are too many good things to say, here is a small start, Elden Ring has the heartwrenching side character storylines that FromSofts’ other title Dark Souls is also known for, and Elden Ring also has many secret areas and secret items to explore and grab. The game also has a very diverse way to play, even though you may only see a couple while playing.

Another thing Elden Ring has going for it is the cooperation between players to fight bosses and the competitive PvP, which is a massive part of the game. The invasions of other players in your world or you into theirs helps keep people on their toes so they don’t let down their guard. While doing this, you can find all sorts of players: those who mess around, those who take it very seriously, as well as those who just try to get it over with.

While I would love to only talk about the good things, this game does have some negatives. For those new to games like this, the difficulty can put them off, and sometimes they just stop playing the game. The bosses are hard, and it doesn’t help new players when they have different phases and very different move sets in each phase.

The bosses are hard enough, but when it comes to invasions, new players will just get steamrolled, and while you really only get invaded when you are starting to get the hang of things, there are people who only go to low level areas to invade new people, and this would not be so bad because you can only invade those 25 levels from you, but the weapons and fighting style just doesn’t make it fun sometimes. 

I hate to say this, but one more bad thing about the game is the number of glitches because it is still so new. I speak from experience of someone forcing my game to crash and afterward getting banned for two days. The glitches people do just to screw others over is not fun. It makes it very hard to keep doing PvP, but while you can get banned, it’s only in multiplayer, so you can still go through the game just without the help of other people.

But while I did rant about the bad, would I still recommend this game? Yes. Who would I recommend this game to? Those with a sense for adventure and exploring while fighting tough enemies. Would I say it’s game of the year worthy? Yes, definitely. So go out and explore until you’re dead! Overall rating for Elden Ring 9.5/10.

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