Don’t give in to planet doom

Plant a tree, bike to school, recycle cans and bottles: people of all ages are reminded of these tasks every Earth Day, but for what? Why bother trying to save the planet if we’ve already ruined it?

More and more people are beginning to think this way, adopting the mindset of “climate doomism”: the idea that there is nothing we can do to save the planet, that stopping global warming is hopeless. Scientists are now having to fight doomists while continuing to battle denial of climate change, describing it as a “tightrope” on which they must walk, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

A doomism mindset is harmful when battling climate change because many people give up on making even small contributions to the environment because of how little of an impact they feel as though they’re making. In reality, small actions such as increasing your renewable energy sources, decreasing your usage of fossil fuels and volunteering to work with reforestation organizations can positively influence the future of our planet when practiced by many, according to Environment by Impact, an Instagram page dedicated to educating the public on the climate crisis through easily understandable posts.

Instead of doomism, opt for climate optimism, and focus on the recent increase in renewable energy sources in our world and decrease in the size of the ozone hole since the beginning of the pandemic. This Earth Day, focus on the positives of conservation and do your part to contribute to it. No matter how insignificant planting a tree, biking to school or recycling cans and bottles may seem, every contribution makes a difference.

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