Is electing court for high school dances outdated?

Even though prom has already passed; It’s a pretty safe bet to think we are all left wondering why we didn’t have a king or queen. Of course, we’ll handle that a little later, but first, since a lot of the student body was wondering here at the Hi-Line, we ran a quick vote to see who would win Cedar Falls High School Prom King and Queen of 2022. At first, it was a bit tense, but by the end of the voting period, the winners turned out to be Caeden Janssen for king and Molly Boevers for queen! 

Now that we have our winners, let’s get to the meat of the story: why don’t we have an official prom vote? We do one for homecoming, and clubs hold their own elections all the time, so what’s the story? 

According to Principal Jason Wedgbury, there is no story. He said, “This is something that we have never explored or have been asked about.” Which is basically as cut and dry as it gets. But is it really that simple? Prom is such a quintessential part of teenage life, and prom queen especially holds a special sense of achievement with its title. But we’ve just never thought about it? Well, personally, that’s not satisfying enough, so digging a little deeper, there’s another explanation from Associate Principal Lindsay Spears. “We are actually trying to move away from the whole gendered role things entirely,” she said. “We’ve even been trying to move away from the homecoming court.” 

So stringing it all together, it seems like the story is as follows.

Cedar Falls has never had a prom court, doesn’t plan on getting one and might even ixnay the homecoming court along with it.

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