‘Second Cold War’ leaving Peet students, staff uncertain

The Cold War took place in 1947 up until 1991, where there was serious tension between the United States, Cuba and Russia. The reason there was no fighting is because the bombs that each of the counties had could put the world into ruins. It would absolutely wipe out Russia and the United States. Eventually, the United States and Russia agreed to back down, and the Cold War came to an end, up until now. 

Students started their Cold War unit in history, and based on previous events, it seems as if history is starting to repeat itself.

Since those past events relate to today’s issues with Ukraine and Russia so much, students and staff have many different opinions and thoughts on this topic. It’s all over the news, and all over social media platforms as well. 

“Honestly, I’m really nervous. Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen. Today’s events are almost identical to the Cold War. Everyone is on edge.” Peet eighth grader Shea Ray said. 

Another Peet eighth grader Willow Riley said, “This is honestly such a scary time for all of us. The gas prices are increasing a lot, so that’s not much help either, and it’s just the fact that no one can really predict what’s going to happen that makes it so scary. It’s not like predicting the weather at all.”

Even teachers are uncertain what lies ahead. Peet history teacher Daniel Oltman said, “It’s crazy how history repeats itself yet again. This second cold war has everyone on the edge of their seats. Not knowing what’s going to happen next can be exciting or thrilling like a rollercoaster, but in this case, it’s definitely not something you’d want any thrill out of.” 

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