AP classes refocusing after finishing AP tests

Many AP classes have already finished their AP tests.  Some AP classes may go over some projects or assignments that the class did not have time to complete while others will have one large project to work on for the rest of the year.  

“We’ll do application activities after the AP Test and things that we did not have time to do during the semester,” AP human geography teacher Traci Walsh said. “We will watch some movies that apply to this course along with some minor assignments that will be graded.”In AP human geography, students will watch two movies, Walsh will pick one movie and the student will chose the other.  

Some AP classes will mainly focus on getting the students’ grades up after the AP test.  “Right now we are mainly focusing on finishing incomplete assignments and test retakes from the last few units,” AP environmental science teacherJason Lang said.  The AP environmental science class will also start on a project to promote Iowa native species by creating small prairie plots around the city.  

AP classes will also work on studying and taking the finals after the AP test.  Some classes may take the finals early or right after the AP test to keep all the information about the class fresh in their minds.

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