Ark opens gamers to vast world of dino adventures

Ark: Survival Evolved or just Ark is a mass-multiplayer survival dinosaur-themed game about surviving alongside dinosaurs. You have to tame dinosaurs or fight them all while making or breaking friendships with fellow survivors. 

The game features extensive lore with 10 “arks,” each being a different landscape with new dinosaurs and new challenges to survive with. Starting off, we have “The Island,” which is as guessed, an island with dinosaurs, and this ark is quite basic and has minimal lore, but with the “explorer notes” left around you can find that reveal more and more of the lore, these explorer notes also give a bonus to experience points, which helps you gather points to level up your character leveling stats such as health, stamina, carry weight, food and fortitude. 

Every level you get you get a certain amount of Engram points that you can use to buy Engrams, which are like blueprints so you can craft more items. Each ark has a total of three or more bosses that you have to fight to ascend off that ark. 

I have personally enjoyed playing the game, available on all consoles including Switch, mobile and PC. I have lots of fun taming and breeding my dinosaurs. I would recommend Ark to anyone looking for a fun multiplayer with friends that is deep in the lore aspect.

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