Despite student worries over rule change, freshmen find fun at ninth grade formal

The ninth graders at both Peet and Holmes Junior Highs had their ninth grade formal on Saturday, May 14. 

Students from the student council and teachers all came together this year to make it a memorable dance for the freshman at Peet and Holmes. 

School Presidents Owen Brinker from Peet and Vivian Nuenz from Holmes were responsible for coming up with a theme, food and drink ideas, as well as the music. School counselors Rebecca Lins and Megan Bowden coordinated the preparations and supervision for the dance by securing all of the decorations and food, setting up a DJ for the dance and finding other teachers to help supervise the dance. 

This year the formal had a new rule; the doors remained locked throughout the whole dance. “Overall the dance here at Peet was very successful this year. Our only goal this year was for everyone to have a good time. We lock the doors so everyone can be safe and supervised,” Lins said. 

“The beginning of the dance was a bit of a struggle at Holmes. Students kept trying to leave the dance and go to other places in the school,” Bowden said. “We ended up having to lock the cafeteria doors to keep the kids from leaving.”

The doors at both Peet and Holmes were locked due to students trying to leave the dance and go elsewhere in the school. If a student left the dance, he or she would not be allowed back into the dance. 

“Students leaving the dance and going to unsupervised parts of the school is a problem because the school would be held accountable for anything that happened,” Nuenz said. “It’s not fair to the school, and also could be really dangerous because no one is there to supervise them.”

“I also agree with the schools for locking the doors. There is no telling what the students will do. There is no way for us to know, so if they get in trouble or something happens, the school would be held accountable for anything that happens,” Brinker said. “Schools locking the doors during the dance was necessary to keep the students safe.”

Though some fixated on the rule change, lots of fun was still had by all according to Peet freshman Jake Gray. “The dance was a blast. The food was great and so was the music. I even got to perform my own song,” he said.

“I have to agree with Jake,” says Natalie Garcia, another freshman from Peet Junior High. “Everyone had a good time, and Jake’s rap song was by far the best part.”

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