Peet freshman to perform self-produced music at formal

On May 14, freshman students from both junior highs will attend their ninth grade formals, an event that will be commemorated through photographs and memories, but for Peet freshman Jake Gray, the dance will be one of the most memorable nights of his time in junior high.

Gray, who has been writing music since the age of seven, will be performing an original song at the formal, one he wrote specifically for the night of the dance.

Although Gray has been writing music for about eight years, his music career officially began in March of 2021, when he professionally recorded his first song, “Choices,” in Denver, Colo. Soon enough, those around him started to hear and appreciate his music, which he said has pushed him to work harder in every aspect of songwriting.

Gray frequently posts music to his YouTube channel, and said that he most enjoys the creativity aspect of making music and the videos that go with them. “With any beat, I can write a song and make it fast, slow, happy, sad or whatever else I choose to do depending on what I feel,” he said. “That freedom to create and write music that represents me but other people enjoy is a big reason I do it.” 

Although he describes “Choices” as one of his lesser lyrical songs, Gray said that it is still his favorite because it truly got him known and has a style that he continues to aim for in his new music.

Gray received multiple requests to have his music played at the dance throughout the year, so when the Peet Student Council asked for music requests, he and about a dozen other students asked that Gray be allowed to perform live at the formal. He then talked to the counselors in charge of helping plan the dance, and once he was given permission to perform, got to work on his newest song.

Saturday’s crowd will be the biggest number of people in front of which Gray has ever performed, so he is understandably nervous. “It’s definitely nerve-wracking, but I am also excited for people to hear [my music]. There definitely is pressure on me though with things being live, so if I mess up there is not much I can do about it,” he said. “Overall though, I am just excited to perform.”

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