Some details emerging from Blizzard regarding what follows Overwatch season 2

With Overwatch 2 being released on Oct. 4, we have been given almost every bit of information that can explain the path that Blizzard Entertainment plans for the sequel. Looking at the official road map that the development team released, it looks like they will have three new heroes on launch Junker Queen, and Sojourn, which was in the beta. The third hero is a new support hero that we learned two weeks ago Kiriko, so I would say that Blizzard did a great job of giving the players a good variety of characters to play on release. 

It also looks like based on the road map that we will be having seasons of about two months time span that will bring a new hero, 30+ new skins, a new battle pass, new mythic skin for one hero that will be at the end of the battle pass and new maps as well.

After season two ends in 2023 around February, players will be able to access one of the new game modes that will be PvE-based. This game mode will carry on the story that was first released with short story missions for yearly events back in Overwatch 1, and it now will be given a new use in the new game. All we have so far when it comes to the gameplay for the new game mode was shown in the trailer for a short bit, but it seems that it will become more of a larger scale campaign that you can bring you and three of your friends into.

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