CF grads share holiday plans

The holidays have always been an important part of our lives, and for students, it typically means a nice long break from school to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. As students from high school have transitioned into college, their holiday schedules might’ve changed as a result. This may get even more difficult depending on the living situation and the location of the school. So what are the holiday plans for some college students and has college impacted what those plans were?


  1. Anna Anderson

“I will be spending the holidays with my parents. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to appreciate Christmas more in college since we actually get a real break this time. This isn’t just a week and a half of break like in grade school.”

  1. Charlie VanHooreweghe

“I’m planning on spending the holidays with my friends and my family. I’m so glad I have the choice to have winter off and spend it at home. I’m excited to see people in Iowa, as well as work.”

  1. Gabe Rosckes

“For Thanksgiving we had the family of my brother’s friend over and we ate and played card games and stuff. We would’ve gone to see my grandparents, but my grandpa’s ill at the moment. For Christmas, hopefully, I can go up north to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles again; that’d be nice. I think college has made it better since knowing my last day before we get out is on the 15th of December, which means I get a longer break. I don’t think college has impacted me hard.”

  1. Alexa Gordon

“I’m just gonna be at home for the holiday break, aside from a few days around Christmas when I’m going to see my grandparents. I’ll also probably be working over the break as well. The holidays have always been a ‘see my family’ sort of thing, so I don’t think college will have a great impact on what the holidays mean to me.”

  1. Dylan Snell

“I usually just go to my grandparents place and for Thanksgiving I’m gonna go to my grandpa’s place and have a Thanksgiving meal. Christmas is a bit different. I go to a bunch of relative’s places. Being in college hasn’t really affected me when it comes to the holidays, but I will say that in college I have a lot more freedom.”

  1. Grant Roth

“Usually we’re home for the holidays. For Christmas this year we’re gonna go on vacation. We planned this for several years, but Covid screwed us over every time, so we’re finally gonna get to go. We had to keep pushing it back until we were like ‘We’re finally going to go this year.’ We’re going down to Florida for it. College hasn’t impacted me much in terms of how I spend the holidays since I haven’t moved out, but for those who’ve moved out, especially really far away from their actual family, I think it would impact them a lot more because they might want to spend the holidays with their friends from college and they might be torn with that or seeing their actual family.”

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