Follow these recommendations for gift giving ideas

Gift-giving season is right around the corner, and people are ready to shop for their loved ones. but before you put out your cards, have you considered making a homemade gift? 

A homemade gift can include a lot more personalization than something store-bought to show that you care about the other person and their interests. It could be cheaper than store-bought depending on the craft materials you need. Here are some DIY for the season from the people of CF High.

The president of the art club Natalie Olson suggested making journals/sketchbooks for your friends and family. “Get cardboard, paper and string to bind it. Design the cover and personalize it with things like activities and fandoms they like. Put their name on it and include a personalized note on the inside. Anything that comes from the heart would be best, and they would most likely like it.”

“Since I’m a photographer, I do prints for my friends and family of things they are interested in or of times we have been together,” art teacher Lisa Klenske said. There are a lot of things you could do with photographs. You can make a mini scrapbook/photo album for your friends, make your own photo strips, photo coasters or photo fridge magnets, or make a calendar for next year.

“I’ve enjoyed making paintings and frames. Popsicle sticks frames are good for younger kids,” art teacher Brody Brinker said. You can use a variety of things to make frames besides popsicle sticks like scrap wood, broken colored pencils, newspaper, cardboard and beads and mirror frames. The possibilities are endless. Imagine making a portrait of your friend and making a frame to match it.

Brinker also said he has made “handmade wreaths out of burlap and wire frames,” but that’s not the only way to make a wreath. You can make a wreath out of anything from wire to grapevine and decorate it with anything from pinecones to shells.

Both Olson and Brinker suggested making ornaments. “You would need air dry clay, jewelry packets, cardboard, markers and string,” Olson said.  And that is not the only way to make ornaments. You could buy a clear ornament and fill it with glitter and write on the surface, spell your friend’s name in cursive using wire or make tiny picture frames of you and your friend to hang up.

With all of the possibilities you can create something deeply personal and unique for your family and friends and have a fun time embracing your creativity. People may be nervous about starting a craft because they think it will look bad but if it comes from the heart, your loved ones will love your gift. 

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