Most Iowa traffic fatalities occur in July

Generally, it is believed that there were more fatal car accidents in winter weather than in warmer weather, but based on the 2022 Iowa traffic fatality count from the IowaDOT website, it turns out the most accidents for the year 2022 happened in the month of July. 

Every winter month was markedly lower than the July account. January 2022 recorded 18 fatal accidents, February 2022 recorded 22 fatal accidents and November 2022 had 14 fatal accidents. 

It is unknown if it is because there are more people on the road driving for vacations during the summer months or maybe the use of alcohol during the nation’s birthday that contributes to the higher fatal accident counts during the summer month. 

Either way, the IowaDOT website clearly disproved the belief that more fatal car accidents happen in winter weather than in warmer weather.

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