Sebold’s ‘Lovely Bones’ translates well to movie adaptation

This sad and tragic movie breaks the hearts of so many. Fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon ( Saoirse Ronan) was brutally murdered,  and she watches over her family from heaven as she observes the daily lives of her killer ( Stanley Tucci) and her parents (Mark Walberg and Rachel Weisz) as they grieve her death. 

This movie really dives deep into how each character is portrayed and how they feel. Susie was a young girl who had so much life, and it got taken away from her by someone who was evil and hurt so many girls.  This movie was based on a best-seller by  Alice Seabold.

Ronan’s portrayal of Susie was so good and brings the emotions alive. She really got into character and played her part as a 14 year old who was killed by a serial killer.  It was very heartbreaking knowing that she wasn’t gonna be going home and seeing her family anymore, but in this movie she was watching her family and seeing how they dealt with her death and how her family grew apart and were not together anymore because her father Jack was having a hard time grieving and he just wanted to find her daughter. 

As the serial killer, Tucci played a very hard role in this movie. He had to have the right headspace in order to do this role. I feel like in order to play a serial killer you have to be strong and just have a good mentality, but when you play these certain roles it can affect your mental health and can mess you up, but overall Stanley did a good job playing this difficult role in the movie. What I enjoyed about this movie was how in depth these characters played their roles and the amazing ways this made the movie so good but heartbreaking.

Overall this movie is truly sad, and it shows that this world is a dangerous place and it’s always good to be careful and to not go with strangers because this world is filled with evil people who will hurt people and might even get away with it. 

This movie is for all the people who like mystery and thriller movies. It will definitely make you cry and break your heart as you see these actors portray their characters and how they get into it and the feelings that they feel in the movie.

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