CAPS students hold demo day in late November

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, a group of students from CAPS Careers presented at their Demo Day. During Demo Day, all of the teams get together to present their progress and steps forward on projects.

In CAPS Careers, there are three teams that have been working on projects since September and have had multiple roadblocks which they had to present. Demo Day was introduced to the group of associates two weeks prior to the day of the presentation. In that time period, they had to create their visual presentation and prepare the speeches they wanted to give out.

A planning committee was made with the students, and they were assigned to send out invites to all the others who would be interested in attending and listening. Invitations were sent to all of the clients, stakeholders and parents. 

The committee also planned the set-up of the food sponsor, Incredible India, and where Demo Day would be held, Kryton Engineered Metals. Kryton is also a homebase for CAPS Careers. The groups meet there together every Thursday and Friday.  

All of the associates practiced over and over again to perfect their presentations while still making progress on their projects. When the time came to present, the guests arrived at Kryton around 10 a.m. The students greeted each individual in a professional manner and welcomed the guests into the building.

After everyone was seated, the presentations began. Each team presented for a maximum of five minutes, and were given feedback and asked questions by all the others. All three teams presented and explained their goals and future plans thoroughly. 

After many technical difficulties and stress built up, all of the associates completed their speeches and talked to many of the guests afterwards. Majority of the guests also got food after, and some of the associates took the leftovers too. 

For the next few days after Demo Day, the groups got together once again to retro their presentations. They went through the positives and negatives together and also talked about future improvements they could make.

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