Fashion club building community of aspiring designers

Led by sophomore Rae Wilson, the fashion design club is one of the newest here at the high school. The club meets every Thursday during both shifts of power hour in room 106; however, the club may be open more days of the week soon. “I would like it to be that if you’re working on a project that you can come in during power hour,” Wilson said. 

In hopes of showing what they have learned and getting more people interested in joining in the future, Wilson’s  goal for this club is to have a fashion show by the end of the school year. 

So far the club has been working on the basics of sewing under the supervision of FCS teacher Kaitlynn Botkin. “We’re still starting off pretty slow, so this Thursday the members of the club are passing their tests to use the machines,” Wilson said. “From then on it’s just like bringing your own fabric and thread, even though we have this bin full of old clothes and fabrics if anybody needs it, and if anybody needs materials they can talk to me or Ms. Botkin.” 

The idea for the club came from Wilson wanting to share her love of fashion outside of class and build a community of others to work alongside with. “I’ve had this idea from the beginning when I didn’t get into the fashion design class because I’m interested in making clothes and I wanted to make it bigger than just me, so I wanted to create a club.” 

Wilson said she felt empowered to start a group by seeing her brother do something similar in the past. “My brother, when he was 16 and in high school, he started his own fashion brand program and did it through CAPS, and I wanted to do something like that because I saw the opportunities it gave him,” Wilson said. “I wanted it to be more of a workshop because it’s more realistic when I go to college for fashion because mostly it’s just class and then workshops to do what you learned in class, and I’m not a very set in stone person, so I like the freedom and creativity to try it on my own and if I need help, work with others.” 

Wilson said this will be reflected in the structure of the club as a place to come in and out to work on a project and to have a community of other students to share advice with.

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