Follow these tips to terrific holiday lights

There is no short supply of twinkling lights and festive blowups this holiday season. Everywhere and everyone seems to have the joy and is willing to share it. Here is a list of some of the great and funny decorations I saw in the Cedar Valley. 

First up is this wonderful collection of figures made up in different scenes like these penguins building a snowman.

Or Rudolph finding love and a yeti being very excited about it.

Even the Grinch with his stolen presents and criminal joy.

If you want to see these great holiday scenes and many more go visit 2924 Scenic Drive in Cedar Falls. 

Next up is this very simple yet creative decor also on Scenic Drive number 2817.

I like to call it “Chocolate Apples,” you know, since it’s M&Ms in a tree! Ha! Anyway!

Next is this very colorful house best seen in the dark to see all the pretty lights.

Go visit 2619 Garden Avenue in Cedar Falls to see a range of colors, and just don’t stare too long, or your eyes may start burning. 

Lastly but certainly not least, is this beautifully house tall yeti with his glowing reindeer. 

This “yeti” is hiding at 269 Wema Street in Evansdale if you want to try to see him out of costume. I am almost positive that he is Santa in disguise. 

All of these wonderful decorations are gems just waiting to be found and gazed upon with family and friends. I hope you have a merry day and happy holidays!

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