Students pitch in to keep campus clean

Right before the holiday break, administrators threatened to close the campus due to excessive trash on school grounds. Some students made an extra effort to make sure campus would stay open. Sophomore Nick Grover said, “I try my best to keep my surroundings and the place I’m at clean. For example, before the bell rings like five minutes before it, I get up and clean my surroundings and try to help my other classmates.”

Sophomore Carsten Meester also pitches in. “I don’t like seeing places dirty. I always go and try to clean up and also try to help the custodian to clean up, and if there is a mess or I spilled something on accident, I go and get the stuff and clean it by myself because I am responsible for the mess I make. I don’t like when other people clean up after me. That makes me feel like I’m not responsible and feel like a child. I’m old enough to clean up after myself.”  


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