Holmes freshmen begin swimming unit

The swimming unit at the two junior high schools began the week of Jan. 17-20, and it lead to mixed feelings for those participating. “Before the swim unit started, I was both excited and nervous,” Holmes freshman Isabela Hafermann said.

Going into the swimming unit, other students were anxious too. “I was nervous going into it. I tend to be very self conscious, so I was dreading it,” Holmes freshman Abigail Mott said. However, after the swim unit started, many students realized that it was actually fun. “I thought it was going to be the worst unit we’ve done, but it is actually pretty fun. While I’ve only had one class period spent swimming, I really enjoy it,” Mott said. 

According to Hafermann, the pros outweigh the cons. “In my opinion, the pros are the skills you pick up and the fun you have, and the only con is having wet hair and smelling like chlorine for the rest of the day,” she said. 

Mott agreed. “The pros are that we get free time at the end of the period and we get to cool off in the pool. I haven’t really thought of any cons.”

Hafermann gave tips on how to make the swimming unit easier or less stressful for future students. “Come prepared and don’t worry about it. Just have fun,” she said. 

Mott also gave some suggestions. “If you bring your own swimsuit, make sure you know when you are going to wash it, otherwise you could end up forgetting about it.”

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