Men’s bowling team off to strong start

The men’s bowling season is starting strong with five wins and no losses. Bowling coach Brad Baker said, “We have a pretty good team like we’ve had in the past. We definitely have high expectations like normal, so we have a lot of returning guys. We basically returned everybody from last year, which normally you graduate a couple of guys. This year we returned everybody which was different.”

The following have returned: Owen Brinker, Matthew Edler, Chris Fordyce, Jacob Nickey, Jackson Satterlee and Nate Venem.

Baker said, “We always strive to improve every time we go out. We want to make sure that we continuously are getting better, better job at being good teammates and hitting every shot we throw out. We try to throw out the best ones we have. Obviously the guys are looking forward to bringing back some hard work at the end of the year.”

Last year, the team placed sixth at State with a team score of 2,840. 

“We struggled a little bit toward the end of the season just with consistency and the team aspect of the game. We definitely are trying to put in a few more of those, a day of week of practice where we pretty much do nothing but team games instead. We are looking to try and work on that.”

Other changes to the season include some with the schedule against local schools. Baker said, “We did actually add a Metro Tournament which we normally just played East and West separately, but with East going to a different conference, we weren’t really gonna have a chance to compete against them, so we put together a Metro Tournament with us, East, West and Columbus.”

For this year, Baker said, “I guess the thing I’m looking forward to the most is just seeing growth, and seeing how we get better over the year, and at the end of the year seeing how much we’ve grown, improved. We use different statistics, pocket percentages, strike percentage to track their progress throughout the year. Things like that. In terms of what I am looking forward to is a team, pretty much continuous improvement.”

The last meet played by the Tigers against the Linn Mar Lions was won by the Tigers 3,201-2,701. Nickey scored the highest with 259 total points.

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