Students share musical discoveries

As platforms like Spotify and YouTube have grown in size, more artists have been able to make their music widespread, reaching more of an audience. In turn, listeners have been able to diversify the music they take in, from all sorts of genres and different artists. Students are no exception to exploring music off the beaten track, and here are some of the artists they found.


  1. Abby Colton (sophomore)

Neutral Milk Hotel 

“Got into them during a weird period of change in my life, and they’ve stuck ever since for years now. “Sailing Through,” which is a demo from 1992, or April 8, a short track on their debut from 1995. Their production style is extremely raw and jagged. It evokes an intense, cathartic and emotional response.”


  1. Evan Myers (junior)

The Backseat Lovers

“They have a distinct sound change in their projects and have songs ranging from all emotions, as well as good vocals and rhythm in their works. ‘Snowbank Blues,’ ‘Maple Syrup’ and ‘Words I Used,’ these songs all have varying tones and feels to them, even if the lyrics are all similar to a degree.”


  1. Lauren North (junior)

Gregory Alan Isakov 

“He has a lot of love and respect for where he’s from and has some of the most beautifully sung/written lyrics I’ve ever heard. Songs I’d recommend are ‘San Luis,’ ‘The Stable Song,’ ‘If I Go I’m Goin’ and ‘Big Black Car.’”


  1. Meg Nelson (junior)

Rex Orange County

“When I listen to their songs it cheers me up because they always sound happy. I would recommend their song called ‘Pluto Projector’ because it is one of my favorite songs by them that isn’t super upbeat but still is pretty happy.”


  1. Aidan Fobian (sophomore)

The Unicorns

“The Unicorns are a decently unknown Canadian rock band that use various unusual instruments for their sound but have a knack for adding electronics into their sound. With all of this, their soundscape is almost fever dream-ish, feeling airy and light, but never overly relaxing. Their songs and one official album has an intro song called ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ and the final track ‘Ready To Die.’ This has led a few people to question or theorize about the music’s meaning and how some of the albums could be seen as a quest through life and could have a meaning at the end of accepting their own death. All of It, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? is the main album, but they also have a few unofficial EPs and albums.”


  1. Holden Fromm (senior)

Arctic Monkeys

“I really like the sound of their music, and they have many different sounds for their songs. Each of their albums have a different sound and feel to it. They are classified as an alternative rock band, and I like rock music. The front man has a really nice voice and over time it has matured very well. They are still relevant today—their first album was in 2006, and they just released a new album in October 2022. They have seven studio records with a handful of singles. ‘Teddy Picker’ is a good example of their early stuff. ‘Secret Door’ is my favorite song right now. I really like ‘Black Treacle,’ which is from their middle album. ‘Body Paint’ is a really good one from their newest album too.”


  1. Daniel Longseth (junior)

Penelope Scott

“Their music is very heavy and kinda emotional in the sense that it makes you feel emotional. ‘Cigarette Ahegao’ is my favorite song of hers, and I would recommend it because it kinda just slaps. The beat is nice, and the lyrics are kinda jarring, but when it all comes together it feels like a song you can’t help but bop your head to.”


  1. Natalie Thomas (junior)


“I like how surreal his lyrics are and the dreamy quality to his sound. The motif of bugs and wildlife through his songs is pretty cool as well. His melodies are sweet, memorable and fun to sing along to. ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a lovely, dreamy song and captures the feeling of having a crush perfectly. ‘Devil Town’ is fast-paced and extremely cathartic to sing along to. ‘Fool’ is softer but equally cathartic.”

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