Athlete of the Week: Josh Grete in basketball

Freshman Josh Grete has had a tremendous amount of success this season on the court. After Peet Tigers recent games against Holmes, where Holmes came out victorious by 4 points, Grete still finished off a great season. The game finished with a score of 41-45, as Holmes came out on top for the second year in a row, but Grete had an amazing season and last game.

In his last game of the season, he led Peet, scoring 17 points with six baskets on 14 attempts. He went 100 percent from the free throw line and made it count. He had one assist and one block in that game, along with two rebounds. 

“I feel my best game of the season was when we played Cedar Rapids Xavier at home. I had 26 points and shot 85 percent from the line. Along with that, I had four assists, two blocks, three rebounds and seven steals. It was a hard fought game that went into overtime, but we did end up losing with a final score of 57-66,” Grete said.

Another one of his highlight games of the year was when the team visited Western Dubuque. He had a total of 29 points and six rebounds. The Peet Tigers won that game with a final score of 56-48.

“I think next year we will be a solid team. We will have a strong core with some help off the bench as well. It will help us combine both Peet and Holmes, and that will make a pretty strong team. I feel for myself, I improved a lot this year,” Grete said. “Coach Jennings made us all improve a lot over the years both as players and as leaders.”

Grete also participated in football, and now will be taking part in the track season.

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