Exercise also contributes to healthy brains

According to the research, exercise has physical as well as mental benefits. Knowable magazine released an article that gives the benefits about exercising and the benefits. This article “The Science Behind Exercise,” states, “Exercise, they are learning, has profound effects on brain structure itself, and especially in regions most affected by depression and schizophrenia. It also provides other, more subtle benefits such as focus, a sense of accomplishment and sometimes social stimulation, all of which are therapeutic in their own right. And while more is generally better, even modest levels of physical activity, such as a daily walk, can pay big dividends for mental health.”

This goes to show that when someone gets outdoors it has greater effects on one’s mental abilities rather than medication, which has been shown to have big failure and a lot of side effects, and can even work better than talk therapy. Being outdoors is also great for yourself physically. 

In my local neighborhood, there is a lady who walks every single day. “Walking has kept me alive all these years. It is so nice to get outside and get some fresh air. It also helps me physically, and that’s one of the reasons I think I am still alive. Going on 90, it gets hard to stay in good shape and not get sick, but I try my best.” Robin said. She tries to walk two miles a day, and she has been doing this since she was in her 70s. She is now approaching 90 and doesn’t have any major health issues. 

The Washington Post releases articles about health daily. One of the articles is about activity and how it builds resilience. This article written by the Washington post said, “Philip Holmes, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Georgia, defines stress resilience as the “ability to adapt to stress in a way that’s not deleterious.” Part of his research deals with the neurobiological mechanisms responsible for stress resilience and the neurobiological effects of exercise. The most significant impact that exercise has on brain function is to promote neuroplasticity, Holmes said.” 

These two articles, and an account of a local who likes to get outside, both show that walking, and physical activity have a very positive effect on mental health, and can also keep you active, which helps you stay healthier, and can prevent a lot of major health issues.

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