Making decisions can be hard

Decision making is not easy when you are in high school. For some students, decision making takes time to ask people who have done the thing before, while for other students they just go with their guts.

Sophomore Andrew Rottinghaus said, “Decision making is not easy, especially that I’m in high school, but it’s easier than older or adult people because I don’t have to decide on hard things like, for example, buying a car or getting married. The big thing I’m deciding in the age I’m in is whether if I’m going to college and what college I’m going to and also when I’m going to leave my parents’ house. These are not easy decisions to make, and I’m still thinking about the answer even though I have a couple years ahead.”

Cedar Falls resident Mr.Morgan said, “Your whole life depends on the decisions you make. If you make a bad decision, you could ruin your whole life and live with it. For example, when you’re getting a tattoo, you’re not going to do something that you don’t like because it’s permanent; it’s going to be on you bad forever. One of the biggest decisions I made in my life is getting married to the woman I love. It was a hard decision because she’s going to be the mother of my kids, and she’s going to be taking care of me and I take care of her, and also I’m going to share my whole life and life experience with her. I had to think about what our life is not going to be always perfect. We’re going to have ups and downs, and we are going to disagree on stuff and get mad at each other, but we have to take it easy, sit down and talk about it and understand each other. That was one of the hardest and best decisions of my life. It’s never hard to sit down and think about the pros and cons of the things you’re deciding on.”

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