Ninth graders registering for high school classes

Ninth graders at Holmes Junior High began scheduling for their high school classes on Feb. 1. How did 9th graders choose which classes they want to take next year?

One of the necessary decisions for scheduling is choosing electives. With a long list of available options, students have to decide what they want to take and how many they can take. “I picked my electives by going through the list and circling the departments I knew I wanted to look into. Then, I just went further and narrowed down what I could do next year and how much time I would have,” Holmes ninth grader Isabela Hafermann said.

To add to the process, students need to pick whether they’re interested in taking Honors or AP classes in their next year. “I chose by looking at my honors classes now and the curriculum description for my honors/AP choices for next year, and then deciding if I felt ready and willing,” Hafermann said.

It can be difficult to make these decisions, but students have some people that they can rely on. “I talked to my parents and some upperclassmen about my course options for next year,” Hafermann said.

In regards to advice she would give to herself or other students through the scheduling process in the future, Hafermann said, “In the future I would spend more time on it and just talk to more people about electives.”

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