Democrats marijuana bill dies in congress

In late February, Democratic lawmakers in the Iowa House of Representatives unveiled legislation to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. According to Forbes, 21 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana for adults aged 21 and older, and 37 states have legal medical marijuana programs.   

The world keeps becoming more and more open to the use of marijuana, and many consider it more healthy and much safer than alcohol, where there are many known side effects of alcohol abuse including liver disease, heart damage, infertility, pancreatitis, central nervous system damage and digestive issues. 

According to Healthline, the only long term side effects that have been associated with weed have been brain development issues, memory loss and schizophrenia.Granted that there have been much less studies and research devoted to marijuana, it is hard not to acknowledge the very few side effects that are stated by Healthline. The positives of marijuana according to Goodrx include pain relief, improved sleep, reduced nausea, anxiety and ptsd relief, better appetite and improved quality of life.

The Democrats’ bill, however, was never turned into a law and was denied once again. Although this legislation did not make it to the next level, there may come a day where more proposed bills are put into action in the future as more and more states start legalizing the use of marijuana.

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