Many options for summer jobs open locally

As summer approaches jobs start opening in Cedar Falls Iowa. These job opportunities are open to those 14 years of age and older, with a wide variety of places to work.

One of these places includes the Cedar Falls Recreation Center, which has the widest variety of job opportunities for teens over the summer.

There are many summer roles at the Rec Center that need to be filled with the wide variety of activities that the Recreation Center offers over the summer for families.

Some of these activities fall under the categories of sports, The Falls and summer camps, along with the front desk staff at the Recreation Center.

Different sports include baseball, softball, T-ball, youth flag football and adult/youth basketball. With the positions for coaches, umpires and program supervisors.

The Falls Aquatic Center provides many positions. The most appropriate positions for teens available are cashier, concessions, lifeguard and instructors and aides for the indoor and outdoor swim programs.

The summer camp positions include day camp director and counselors, before/after care staff, and the Tot Lot (pre-K) staff.

These positions are well-paid, with bi-weekly pay. Applications are open online or at the front desk of Cedar Falls Recreation Center. There is also the City of Cedar Falls Career Fair. 

The career fair is held once a year near the end of the school year. This year it has already passed, taking place on Saturday, April 15. At this career fair, one can fill out the job application there, with the information provided about each and every position, and get a free T-shirt or hat, provided by the Cedar Falls Recreation Center.

Other places with job openings include Wilbos Burgers, NewAldaya, Lost Island, Texas Roadhouse (with the position of a server), Flowerama, Iowa Auto Rebuilders (with the position of a car wash attendant), and the Waterloo Bucks Baseball Stadium (gameday staff).

Holly Bumgardner is a French teacher at Cedar Falls High School and the school’s contact for the job at the Waterloo Bucks Baseball Stadium. She has lots of information about the staff position with the Waterloo Bucks Baseball Stadium.

To apply for these 2023 summer job positions, go to the Cedar Falls Community School District website. It’ll be under the Parent tab in the Fliers folder.

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