Students making smooth transition

We started the school year on August 23. We went through the first semester and many people changed from first to second semester. It’s either people change by like paying attention or studying differently or organizing their time to get work done on time and professionally. 

Regarding the change from first to second semester, sophomore Tristan Raisty said, “At first of the school year I was scared because i’m going to a new building and there going to be a lot of people, and also I was scared about how the grading is going to be in high school, but as I got use to the building and the work we get it got easier and easier.” 

Its different for everyone. Sophomore Fletcher Yates said, “I wasn’t really scared that I don’t know where the classes or anything were. I knew the building, and I was familiar with it. I was mostly worried about how many tests and homework in high school, but it’s not as bad as people say it is.”

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